Our New Brighton Chiropractic location!

Experienced chiropractic care in New Brighton MN

Our New Brighton Chiropractic location!

We’ve relocated!

Our chiropractic clinic in New Brighton MN is now conveniently situated just off Silver Lake Road in New Brighton, Minnesota. Finding your way here is a breeze with these three simple options:

  1. If you’re traveling south of the 35w and 694 intersection, take the County Rd E2 exit and head West. Afterward, make a right onto 5th Ave NW, and you’ll spot us on the left. Keep an eye out for the Post Office – we’re right nearby. If you happen to pass the Main Street Condos, you’ve gone a little too far.

  2. Alternatively, you can simply click on the address below, and Google Maps will provide you with precise directions right to our location.

Our new address makes it even easier for you to access our chiropractic services in New Brighton.

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580 5th Ave NW, New Brighton MN 55112



Type “Allied Wellness Professionals” into Google Maps.

It should bring you right here – that’s the easiest way!



Fun things to do in New Brighton MN

If you’re driving a long ways to get here and you’re bringing kids with you – there are some cool family fun things you can do in New Brighton MN.

A Hidden Gem in the Twin Cities’ Suburbs

New Brighton, nestled comfortably in Ramsey County, Minnesota, is a charming city that offers an intriguing mix of tranquility, outdoor recreation, and community-oriented living. This suburb of the Twin Cities is more than just a place to live; it’s a place to create lifelong memories.

A City of Parks and Recreation

The crown jewel of New Brighton is undoubtedly its Long Lake Regional Park. This beautiful green oasis spans over 200 acres and offers a myriad of outdoor activities. Whether you fancy a summer picnic, a refreshing swim, or a serene walk along the scenic trails, Long Lake has something for everyone. In the winter months, don’t forget your sled, as the park’s snow-covered hills are perfect for a family fun day out.

New Brighton also boasts numerous smaller parks, such as the Freedom Park with its spacious playground and the Creek View Park with its winding trails. With 16 parks in total, there’s always a green corner waiting to be explored.

Entertainment and Community Life

Aside from the parks, the New Brighton Community Center is the heartbeat of this city. It houses a variety of amenities including a fitness center, gymnasium, and meeting spaces. More uniquely, the center is home to the Eagles Nest Indoor Playground – a popular spot for family fun on those chilly Minnesota days.

Each year, the city hosts Stockyard Days, a festival that pays homage to New Brighton’s historical association with the stockyard industry. This event, typically held in August, features a parade, live music, a car show, and plenty of food stalls – it’s a must-experience if you find yourself in town at the right time.

Living in New Brighton

One of the things that make New Brighton special is the sense of community. Residents often mention the friendliness of their neighbors, the supportiveness of the community, and the quality of the local schools. This city is not just a place to live, but a place to belong.

While the Twin Cities offer a rich urban life just a short drive away, New Brighton itself has a variety of restaurants, shops, and services, making day-to-day life convenient. For shopping, residents have easy access to both local businesses and larger retail chains.

New Brighton, Minnesota, might fly under the radar compared to its more prominent neighbors, but it’s a city worth exploring. Its green spaces, strong community, and blend of urban and suburban living make it a unique place to visit and an even better place to call home. Whether you’re a nature lover, a family with children, or someone seeking a peaceful community-oriented city, New Brighton invites you to discover all it has to offer.

I recommend checking the official City of New Brighton Website or contacting local resources for the most up-to-date information about life and activities in New Brighton, Minnesota.


Eagles Nest Indoor Playground is a completely remodeled one of a kind indoor play place with lots of padded kid adventure space to run around, climb, and even jump in a ball pit. Parents are free – kids are $6 (as of 12/16/2019) for 12mo to 12yr olds. 


Parks in New Brighton MN 





Hidden Oaks



Meadow Wood

Pike Lake Trail

Silver Oaks

South Park Trail

Sunny Square

Totem Pole




Hansen Park Disc Golf Course in New Brighton MN

If you enjoy older kids activities like disc golfing, there’s a nice 12 hole course with a beautiful park, playground, picnic areas.

It’s one of the best frisbee golf courses in the Twin Cities in terms of how well it’s maintained but it does have cone baskets. 

Community Video Tour

Learn more about the area with this video


New Brighton – Minnesota Ice Castles 

There are a lot of cool things to do in New Brighton – even in the winter!

The Ice Castles are a spectacular winter phenomenon that has been created in various locations around North America, including New Brighton, Minnesota. These are not just ordinary ice sculptures; they are large-scale, walk-through exhibits built using hundreds of thousands of icicles, all hand-placed by professional ice artists.

The Ice Castles in New Brighton, Minnesota, are a breathtaking spectacle of winter beauty. Located at Long Lake Regional Park, these stunning structures are crafted entirely from ice, creating a magical, frozen wonderland that captivates visitors of all ages.

The Ice Castles are not just static structures; they are dynamic and ever-changing, reflecting the natural beauty of Minnesota’s winter season. The castles are illuminated from within, creating a mesmerizing display of light and color that enhances the intricate details of the ice formations.

Visitors can explore the winding ice tunnels, slide down the icy slides, and marvel at the towering ice towers and walls. The Ice Castles also feature beautiful ice sculptures and formations that add to the enchanting atmosphere.

The castles include breathtaking LED-lit sculptures, frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, and fountains. These attractions provide a unique, immersive experience and are an excellent activity for families, friends, or a romantic date night.



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